Rotary Lawn Mower Gearbox for Agriculture


Rotary Lawn Mower Gearbox for Agriculture

The rotating grass cutter gearbox can be used in agriculture for various applications such as cutting grass, weeds, and small bushes. It is important to choose a gearbox for agricultural use because it will be more durable and can withstand rough terrain and a lot of use.
When choosing a transmission for the agricultural selection, please consider the following factors:

Gear ratio: Gear ratio to determine the speed and torque of the gearbox. For agriculture, higher torque is usually required, so please find a gearbox with a lower gear ratio.
The diameter of the output shaft: The diameter of the output shaft will determine the size of the blade that can be connected to the gearbox.
Blame speed: The speed of the blade rotation is important for clean cutting. Find the speed gearbox with high blades for effective cutting.
Durability: Choose a gearbox for agricultural demand, such as a large number of use and rough terrain.
Overall, the correct rotary cutting machine gearbox for agriculture will depend on the specific needs of the application. Be sure to conduct thorough research and consult experts to make wise decisions.

Product Details

Product Name Rotary lawn mower gearbox RG50
Material Housing as QT450, Shaft as 20CrMnTi
Color Dark or Red or as customized
Type Bevel gear
Ratio 1:1.93
Bearing QC or C&U or NTN
Warranty one and half year
Used lawn mower

Rotary Lawn Mower Gearbox for Agriculture2 Rotary Lawn Mower Gearbox for Agriculture2