AB6 Series PTO Drive Shaft

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AB6 Series PTO Drive Shaft

The high-performance PTO driver shaft is the most important driving shaft solution in agriculture and lawn and gamers. The PTO drive shaft is a complete component from tractor to implementation. They are designed for continuous and heavy-duty purposes and meet the requirements of large farms and contractors to improve the efficiency of agricultural production. If you have more requirements or customized products, please contact us by email, we will reply to you within 24 hours

Performance Advantage

◆ Design adjustability to fit (such as cut-to-length) capabilities.
◆ Interchangeability to fit most competitor models for great compatibility.
◆ Available in trefoil, lemon, and star shaft profiles.
◆ Simple lock housing construction allows for quick and easy assembly or disassembly using simple tools such as keys, coins, or screwdrivers.
◆ Available Extended Lubrication Electronic Kit reduces downtime with 50-250 greasing intervals
◆ An hour and high-temperature triple-lip seals retain grease better.
◆ Dedicated engineering and sales support to customers.AB6 Series Profile PTO Drive-Shaft