Helical Gear Motor Gearbox Reducer Planetary Reducer for CNC Machine

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Helical Gear Motor Gearbox Reducer Planetary Reducer

This helical planetary gearbox can be utilized for servo motors and related equipment that need reduced speed or more torque! Helical planet gearboxes are offered in sizes ranging between 42 and 220 inches, as well as gear ratios of three to one hundred! They have higher precision and is extensively used in servo motors like Panasonic, Fuji, Mitsubishi, Omran, Delta, and Teco.

(1). The output shaft takes the form of double bearings with a large dimension and span. The output shaft and the planetary arm bracket are both integrated as is the shaft that is mounted in direct contact with the global arm bracket in order to ensure that the reducer is of excellent running accuracy and has the highest torsional stiffness.

(2). The casing and the inner device for the ring are designed in a unified manner, and the enamel that is treated through tempering and quenching allows it to achieve greater torque, high precision, and superior resistance as well as the substrate is treated using the nickel-plated anti-rust treatment. This enhances its resistance to corrosion. increased.

(3). The transmission of the planetary type uses a full needle roller, and with not have a stop ring. This enhances the contact area and significantly improves the rigidity and durability that the machine.

(4). The machine is made from imported materials from Japan as well in this process, steel is slicing the heat treatment process of vacuum carburizing is employed to attain 58 to 62 HRC. After hobbing processing, the most ideal tooth shape and path for the tooth is achieved to ensure the high precision of the equipment and high quality of the effect.

(5). It is connected to the structure of sun equipment in order to increase the accuracy of running the gear.


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Helical Gear Motor Gearbox Reducer Planetary Reducer for CNC Machine Helical Gear Motor Gearbox Reducer Planetary Reducer for CNC Machine

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New gearbox reducer for helical geared motors. reduction planetary used for machine tool CNC

Motives to purchase:

Gear Motor: The gearbox has been made with a high-performance gear motor that is made from extra-strong robust materials.
Reducer: The planetary gearbox minimizes the sound and speed, speeds up, and removes the need to use lower speeds.
Planetary Gearheads: Helical motor gearheads have been designed to assist you in reducing the carbon footprint of your business and also create extra space for your environment.
Professional Manufacturing: The transmission is made in a reputable manufacturing factory. They’ve passed rigorous quality testing and inspections prior to going out of the facility.
Excellent craftsmanship: This gearbox is constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy material that is strong and durable, with the longevity of service.

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