Rotary Mowers Gearboxes – Replacement of Comer Code LF-199A


Rotary Mowers Gearboxes

Rotary mower gearboxes are an important part of the machine because they help transfer power from the engine to the mower’s blades. Gearboxes typically contain gears and bearings that transmit power smoothly and efficiently.

Maintaining your rotary mower gearbox is critical to keeping the machine running smoothly. You should periodically inspect the gearbox for signs of damage or wear, such as metal chips, leaks, or unusual noises. If you notice any of these problems, you should check and repair the transmission, or replace it if necessary.

Replacing a rotary lawn mower gearbox is a complex process that is best left to a professional. However, if you have experience with mechanical work and the necessary tools, you can attempt to replace the transmission yourself by carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Technical Features:

Type of application:
Speed increasing unit
Input power rate: 45Cv-33Kw (540RPM)
Ratio: 3,00
Outputs: 2
The rotation is defined as either clockwise or counter-clockwise by looking “into” the components in motion ( shaft, pulley, or sprocket), with the gearbox behind the component

Shafts Rotation: Download the datasheet to check the possible available rotation.
Material: Cast iron
Dry weight: Kg 27,5

Supplied without lubricant

• Available to reduce gear unit (please ask our TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT)
• Different shafts rotation available (please ask our TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT)

Rotary Mowers Gearboxes – Replacement of Comer Code LF-199A Rotary Mowers Gearboxes – Replacement of Comer Code LF-199A