Leveler Strength Universal Joints

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Leveler Strength Universal Joints

Our Leveler-Strength universal joints are designed for extreme torque applications, such as metalworking. They have been developed with enhanced mechanical properties and manufacturing processes to improve strength and extend the life of the joint.

Similar to our Leveler-Strength series, the straightener joints feature a friction-bearing construction with short and long pins and are held in place with rivets. The pins, blocks, and yoke lugs are hardened and ground. In addition, the yoke lug profile is reinforced and a dry film lubricant coating is applied to the contact surfaces to aid in lubrication.


  • Designed for extreme torque applications
  • Made of high-grade alloy steel
  • Friction (slide) bearings
  • Short and long pin designs with rivets or socket cap screws
  • Hardened and ground yokes, blocks, and pins
  • Reinforced yoke profiles
  • Braking torque: 22,6-24,858 N-m (single joint)
  • Working Angle: Up to 35° (25° from 2.5″ OD)
  • The dry lubricating coating on contact surfaces


High Strength Single Universal Joint High Strength Single Universal Joint - Exploded View

         Leveler Strength Single Universal Joint                                  Leveler Strength Joint – Exploded View

Universal joints can be customized with holes, keyways, and special hub configurations. They can be made from a variety of materials with special coatings and plating. Assemblies can be equipped with lubricant retaining covers containing special lubricants for various industries and applications.

Customization options for universal joints.

  • Processing Options
  • Special Material
  • Coatings and Platings
  • Lubricant Retaining Boot Covers

If you have a custom request, you can contact us and one of our professionals will get back to you within 24 hours.

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